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Why Choose A1 Payday Loans?

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A-1 Payday Loans is here for you for all your speedy cash loan needs. You may have come across sudden, unexpected expenses and require a no credit or bad credit advance cash small loan. When you work with A-1, we will quickly access your employment and banking activity to get you approved. It’s really that simple to get you the cash you deserve today! 

A-1 Payday Loans has been in the business since 1997 and we know easy loans. We provide loans for bad credit and no credit. A-1 Payday Loans also offers Cash Loans, Payday Loans, Cash Advances for amounts of up to $500;. We provide Installment Loans and Title Loans for amounts of up to $2500.

Give us a call, click, or stop by one of our convenient locations today. Let us help you get the cash you deserve! 

What is an Installment Loan?

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Installment Loans are fixed payment amount loans that will be paid back in monthly installments. Before applying for an Installment Loan, you will need to decide exactly how much you want to borrow. Installment Loans range from $50 – $2,500 for a term of 4 to 12 months. These loans do not require credit checks and are fast and easy.  Call one of A-1’s four locations today (North Jackson, South Jackson, Pearl, Vicksburg) or click to learn more about these loans and how we may help you get approved today!

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are bridge loans up to $500 that are intended to help customers with low or no credit that need a little extra cash before their next payday. At A-1 Payday Loans, we pride ourselves in helping customers who find themselves in unexpected financial situations. 

Payday Loans are often misunderstood and can be shed in an unfavorable light. Truth be told, many of those who offer criticism do not actually understand payday loans or the many benefits for those who need and use them. The fee for a Payday Loan is often less than the fees charged by most banks with overdraft features. The big banks have at times criticized payday lenders. Yet, if you compare the bank fees charged on overdraft amounts to fees on a payday loan for the same amount, the bank fees are most often higher!

A-1 is here to clear up any confusion! Explore these common myths about payday loans. Most importantly, if you need fast cash, please call one of our four locations near you (North Jackson, South Jackson, Pearl, Vicksburg) to find out if a Payday Loan is right for you!

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